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George B. Johnson

George B. Johnson

SEO Specialist

George B. Johnson is a veteran digital marketing trailblazer with over a decade of experience spearheading top-performing SEO campaigns. As Founder and CEO of the award-winning agency George Digital, he has established himself as an authoritative thought leader when it comes to integrated, analytics-based SEO techniques that deliver unmatched ROI.

Leveraging sharp business instincts first honed early in his career, Johnson has built George Digital from the ground up into a premier, sought-after agency partnering with leading brands and high-traffic sites across industries. He has led the company with vision and talent, pioneering innovative marketing solutions that evolve with the latest SEO best practices.

Under Johnson's strategic guidance, George Digital has become synonymous with driving tangible growth for clients through custom-tailored SEO excellence. He has also held various COO roles throughout his accomplished career. Johnson continues to gain industry-wide recognition for his entrepreneurial talents in building successful teams, identifying new market opportunities, and redefining the digital marketing space with an eye toward the future.

He is also an author. Writing the book "The Med Spa Organic Blueprint" found here:

With over a decade of proven returns across hundreds of successful campaigns, George B. Johnson has established himself as an instrumental force in SEO-focused digital marketing. As both Founder and CEO, he demonstrates uncompromising leadership in helping brands maximize their visibility and unlock their online growth potential.

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