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7 Ways to Grow Your HVAC Leads

Posted by George

One of the best ways for potential customers to find you is to get high on the results page with Search Engine Optimization. Your potential customers are business owners that want to find your HVAC business.

We will be focusing more on getting customers from the search engines. While there are quick opportunities on Google Ads, the conversion rate with natural quality leads is much more optimal.

But there are other ways. We will being going over 7 ways to get this done.

To consistently get more HVAC leads, we suggest the following lead generation strategies:

  1. Appear Page 1 in Google Searches.
  2. Optimize your website for the customer.
  3. Invest in email marketing.
  4. Ask for 5-star reviews.
  5. Outsource the Time-Consuming Tasks.
  6. Create Realistic Goals.
  7. Track ROI to know what works.

1. Appear Page 1 in Google Searches

Getting top of page in the Google SERPS is one of the best ways to both get traffic and leads. But it does more than that. It also tells your potential clients you are important and can be trusted.

All too often we will see companies trying to rely on paid ads. Only for the lead to be unsure knowing they clicked an ad. While you will get the click just understand that you still have another hurdle to jump.

When you get to top of page 1 these results will appear below the sponsored adverts when one of your customers performs a search for a set of keywords related to your business.

Those who have mastered the art of search engine optimization (SEO) have a leg up on the competition when potential customers are looking for a new gas furnace, help with a broken air conditioner, or any of the other hundreds of reasons they might need an HVAC specialist immediately.

Using highly-ranked keywords throughout your website, social media posts, newsletters, business directories, digital advertising, and other online marketing content will increase your chances of ranking highly in Google’s organic search results for HVAC-related keywords when potential customers, your ideal customers type those phrases into a search engine.

You can also use a keyword containing the name of your city or neighborhood to attract those who live in or near your service area. Some examples of such phrases include “Phoenix furnace repair” and “Springfield A/C”.

When a user types in “A/C repair” or “HVAC near me,” Google will provide results that are both topical and geographically relevant. Due to the fact that Google’s organic search results are determined by relevance, locality, authority, and other variables, a strong SEO strategy allows smaller HVAC companies to compete with larger ones in Google’s organic search results.

George Digital works with Google Business Profiles to better serve HVAC businesses to get you a better conversion rate. This makes it simple to promote your HVAC business on Google and get HVAC employment leads from people searching for your services. Google Ads might be challenging to perceive and grasp so while we do offer this, we focus on what is right in front of the customer.

2. Optimize Your Website for the Customer

Whether they found you on Google, email, or some other platform, a huge percentage of your potential consumers will visit your website. As such, you should give it your complete attention to ensure that it is polished, user-friendly, and thoroughly optimized for organic Google searches. Stand out from other service providers this isn’t just about marketing ideas.

Potential clients may be put off and your company’s reputation will take a hit if your website is poorly maintained or doesn’t look professional. For this reason, it is crucial to put resources into a site that is both attractive and simple to use. In addition, it needs to include the right keywords so that people can find you when they do a search for an HVAC service online.

Other argument for spending resources here is search engine rankings will improve if you have a mobile-friendly, responsive website. Customers who are actively looking for a local HVAC provider online are likely in a time crunch.

From our research it is a ranking factor to have an easy to use site.

Have a way for potential clients to easily locate you. You can quickly turn them into an HVAC lead if you:

  • Taking steps to enhance your website’s performance. Add appeal by designing it to rank well in search engines while yet being easy to use.
  • Facilitating simple communication with your clients. Always have someone available to take calls and provide additional contact details prominently on your website.
  • Putting the spotlight on feedback from customers or reviews found online. Encourage satisfied clients to rave about your HVAC company to their friends and family.
  • The creation of an HVAC-related YouTube. Using behind-the-scenes videos, you can share your company’s history or highlight the achievements of your HVAC technicians.
  • Calls to action that captivate customers (CTA). Make sure they are there and visible.

3. Invest in Email Marketing

Another effective strategy for finding HVAC leads is through email marketing. Sending out newsletter-style emails on a regular basis is a great way to keep in touch with your clientele, promote new offerings, remind them of upcoming services (like AC or furnace maintenance or checks), and position your company as the go-to option whenever they have a need for HVAC maintenance or repair.

The cost per HVAC lead generated with targeted email marketing is lower than that of more traditional HVAC advertising channels, and it also helps maintain your brand in the minds of consumers. Email marketing is considered to be one of the most successful marketing tactics, with a return of $40 for every $1 invested.

Email marketing can be successful if it is personalized, tailored to your business, and conveys information that is of interest to your customers.

With George Digital’s help, HVAC companies can easily and effectively reach out to their current clientele via email marketing campaigns.

To follow up on unsold estimates, you could, for instance, send a mass email to all of your customers with a phone number for them to dial in order to arrange a callback. Some of those “cold” leads are more likely to respond to this communication than to be ignored entirely.

Another case in point would be sending out an email to everyone you’ve ever installed an air conditioner for to remind them that summer is coming and their units need servicing. Using this sort of targeting, you may send your email marketing campaigns to the customers most likely to respond.

4. Ask for 5-star reviews

When you have satisfied ideal customers make sure you ask for the review. Most people look for highly rated HVAC providers in their area before scheduling an appointment with them, and they actively avoid those with poor ratings or negative reviews.

Good evaluations on Google, Facebook, and other HVAC-related social media and business review sites can sway a customer’s decision to choose a certain HVAC provider. According to a Consumer Survey, 94 percent of consumers claimed positive reviews improve their chances of using a company.

This is another form of trust. Especially over paid ads. It is easy for someone to leave a bad review. But when someone leaves a great review, it really shines. People trust online review about as much as they do an actual personal recommendation.

There are systems out there that can automatically ask the right questions so you will get more positive online reviews to your Google Business Profile. You have to know what they are and how to manage them.

Customer reviews can attract the prospective customer. Over service providers will wonder why you have so many reviews on your installed air conditioning unit.

5. Outsource the Time-Consuming Tasks

Creating an HVAC lead strategy and pinpointing reliable HVAC lead sources requires significant time, effort, research, documentation, and capital. If you and your small business would rather leave it in the hands of experts to raise your profile and smooth out the kinks, outsourcing to a marketing team is a straightforward answer.

Online, look for marketing firms that specialize in your sector, and read successful case studies of the companies they have aided in expanding. In exchange for a monetary investment of several hundred to several thousand dollars, you will have access to a staff of experts that will assist you in attaining your advertising objectives.

Don’t think you can just kick back after our team at George Digital does some heavy lifting. You have to remember that when the calls start coming in you will need to be on the ball closing the sale. But we can also set up systems that help make that easier for you too.

6. Create Realistic Goals

It takes a lot of hard work, planning, and problem solving to run an HVAC business. Successfully running an HVAC business demands the same meticulous planning and attention to detail, but also a more acute focus on strategic goals and an in-depth familiarity with the industry context in which your firm operates.

Before you get into learning how to produce HVAC leads, you should have a firm grasp on the scope of your company’s capabilities and the financial goals you hope to achieve. Remember the following:

  • What number of service calls do you anticipate being necessary to achieve your revenue targets?
  • The number of technicians you plan to hire?
  • To what extent will you staff with installers?
  • The number of salespeople you plan to hire.
  • What changes need to be made to accommodate the holidays?
  • Which months were your busiest? Which of yours is the slowest?
  • Are you willing to adjust the prices of your services when time is appropriate?

Careful preparation will increase your understanding of labor requirements and expectations, allowing you to establish more concrete and cost-effective plans for the future. When you have a good handle on labor, as well as the prices and expectations laid forth in your business plan, you can begin putting it into action.

There are plenty of enthusiastic business owners competing for customers in the HVAC industry, so learning how to effectively market to new customers is essential. If a customer has a good experience working with your company or its professionals, they are more likely to contact you again the next time they have a similar need. Simply providing customers with reasons to have faith in your company and offerings is a marketing strategy. A company that makes a good first impression and follows through on its promises is likely to do well.

7. Track ROI to Know What Works

Planning ahead will help you gain clarity on your labor needs and expectations, allowing you to budget more accurately for the future. You can move on with your company plan’s implementation if you have a firm grip on the work involved and the costs and outcomes you anticipate.

There are lots of other motivated business owners in the HVAC industry, so doing some homework on how to expand your HVAC company and get new HVAC leads is essential. Customers are more inclined to do business with you again if they have a good time working with you or your staff the first time around.

Providing customers with justification for their trust in your products and services is a valuable marketing tactic. A successful business is one that delivers on its promises while maintaining a positive public image.

This can help with a few things:

  • You should keep track of how much money you make with the HVAC advertising strategy.
  • Check how well your team converts leads into appointments and sales.
  • Make sure that your HVAC marketing budget is being spent fairly and in the right places.
  • Don’t throw money away on ineffective digital platforms and marketing strategies.


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