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Mass Duplicate Post Test

Posted by George

Last year I wanted to run a test to see how easy it was to “make money online”. Not surprisingly it isn’t just this easy.

It just doesn’t work.

It would take a lot more than just copying and pasting for SEO content to earn a profit online.

I spent about a year before I revisited the metrics on this site. I figured out what it takes to fail…lol

Now I want to show you how silly is it to try to take the “easy” route. Don’t try to implement this process. You will fail just like me. I’m sure someone has an example of this working. But I promise you it wasn’t easy. And the point of this experiment was to show how if it is easy it won’t work.

Let me help you!

I ran this test so you don’t have to. If you are being outranked by your competition contact us and I’ll see what you need to grow you presence on the SERP’s

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