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Do you want to be on Google’s first page? Let this Phoenix SEO get you there.

If you want to be on the top page of search results, search engine optimization is the way to do it. Google, like the other search engines, wants you to optimize your site so that they can figure out what each page is about. As a result, search engines are better able to deliver results that are relevant to the searcher’s query.

The best-optimized websites have a better chance of reaching the top spot. Our goal as Phoenix SEO experts is to assist you in getting as near to #1 as possible. We accomplish this by remaining current with search engine algorithm updates and implementing SEO tactics that will not get you penalized.

Other Digital marketing agencies only dabble as SEO experts. Search Engine Optimization is what we do. Email marketing, social media marketing, online marketing is all secondary for us. We want to be the premiere Phoenix SEO provider.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a method of improving the quality of your website’s content with the purpose of improving your search engine rankings. We can assist you improve qualified traffic to your site so you can attract more clients and develop your business by targeting the relevant keywords.

Let us create search engine optimization strategies that can provide a return on investment. Our content strategy is about getting the best result from the search engine optimization. Content marketing will only get you so far.

Digital marketing agencies just don’t focus enough on search engine optimization to be able to make a meaningful impact. Our Potential customers, SEO Clients need more than just content writing. Contact Us

Keywords can make the difference

When it comes to search engine optimization, a lot has changed over the years. A search engine’s ultimate purpose is to give the best results for the end user. It accomplishes this by crawling millions of pages and returning the results that best match the user’s query.

But how can I convince the search engine to include my website in its results?

It is simple, yet it is not simple. Your website’s content should include both keywords and semantic keywords that inform Google and the other search engines that a page on your site is worth ranking. It must be valuable and provide a response to the person’s search query. Many individuals believe that having a nice-looking website will suffice, but what good is it if no one visits it?

That is why we concentrate on identifying the keywords that your target audience uses to find your products and/or services. While we can go after short keywords in some circumstances, we’ll need to undertake a thorough analysis of your competition to see if that’s a viable strategy.

Why is Domain Authority Important?

Using a good SEO strategy, Domain Authority is currently used to measure how authoritative a website is in the eyes of a search engine. It’s a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 indicating that you’re just getting started and 100 indicating that you have a site that ranks alongside Wikipedia. Because Google considers websites with a high domain authority to be more reliable, they have a higher chance of pursuing shorter, more competitive keywords.

Long tail keywords, or keywords that are longer in nature, will be more important for domains with a lower domain authority. In general, the longer the keyword, the less competition there is for that specific keyword. If you invest in a long-term link-building strategy, though, you can increase your domain authority, allowing you to target shorter, more competitive keywords.

What to expect in reporting

We recognize the importance of being able to track the progress of your campaign. Every month, we’ll send you a report that shows your Google ranks for each keyword we’re tracking. For example, if you presently rank number 12 in Google and we continue to apply the agreed-upon search engine optimization plan in the second month, you may go up to number 7 in Google. This rise in ranking will be shown in our report, indicating that you are now on the top page of Google for that phrase (there are typically only 10 spots on the first page of Google).

We’ll also be in touch with you throughout the month with documents that contain in-depth information on your competition as well as concrete steps we want to take to increase your rankings even further. You’ll have the chance to examine, modify, and approve the papers so that we can make the modifications you want.

What happens if you’ve been punished with a Google penalty?

We’ve had a number of companies come to us because they’d been penalized by Google. Many times, this is due to employing an SEO service that used Google-unfriendly techniques, which is sad. A good SEO company knows how hard to push. While general digital marketing agencies will fall flat with knowledge.

It’s frustrating when a digital marketing company puts you in this scenario, but we can help. We employ a variety of techniques to assess your website in order to find the root reason of the penalty. Another Digital marketing firm would just ignore this. Having links with poor authority or relevance is a common cause, and if this is the case, we can contact those sites to get them deleted. In the worst-case scenario, if they don’t delete the links, we can simply disavow them so that they aren’t counted against you by Google.

City of Phoenix

We handle the SEO for the City of Phoenix. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do.

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