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George Digital is an engineering service provider in Arizona. George Digital is revolutionizing the industry with our best-in-class engineering services.

Do you have an idea? Are you looking for a reliable and experienced local engineer to help you?

Look no further than George Digital! With our team of expert engineering professionals, George Digital specializes in providing tailored engineering solutions to help you reach your goals.

From additive manufacturing, mechanical design, and electrical engineering, George Digital can provide comprehensive strategies and tactics that will push your idea into reality.

George Digital also offers additional services such as website development should your idea turn into a business, all designed to maximize your ROI.

Visit today to learn more about how our engineering services can help your idea succeed!
Mechanical Design Engineer

George B. Johnson

George has been fixing things all his life. He holds CSWP (SolidWorks) and is proficient in AutoCAD. This combination allows him to problem solve and document it along the way.
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